Christian Hof strengthens advice, sales and marketing for ELKALUB
high-performance lubricants

Vöhringen/Baden-Württemberg. Chemie-Technik GmbH, Vöhringen, continues to position itself for the future. While new production plants, such as a polyurea plant with a larger capacity, create independence from the increasingly scarce raw material lithium, the sons of the owner Joachim Hof (* 1956) gradually join the management. The recently studied innovation specialist Christian Hof (* 1991) recently joined the team of the export-strong company.

Komori Lithrone GX40 with special lubricants equipped for the printing of food packaging for the first time

Vöhringen/Württemberg, Bad Kreuznach: A Komori Lithrone GLX 640+L printing machine was fitted from start on with so-called NSF H1-registered lubricants. For this, the technicians relied on a wide range of ELKALUB H1 high-performance lubricants of Chemie-Technik GmbH in Vöhringen.

Alexander Haßinger, managing partner of O.D.D. Print + Medien in Bad Kreuznach, has specific plans with his new printing machine: The new Komori Lithrone GX40 is highly productive, with it we have replaced two older machines and now we are becoming increasingly involved in the production of folding boxes in the food and pharmaceutical sector.”

NSF/H1 specialist Chemie-Technik GmbH (ELKALUB)
First lubricant manufacturer with cartridge-based 100 ml one-handed grease gun

Small volumes avoid overlubrication. This is especially important in the food sector. And this is where the particular strengths of the small one-handed grease gun ELKALUB MCP 100 of the Swabian lubricant manufacturer Chemie-Technik GmbH come in. Together with the matching 100 ml screw cartridges, the entire range of greases of the manufacturer can be used ideally.

New: ELKALUB instrument sprays for medicine
Medically certified: ELKALUB high performance lubricant with physiologically safe oils

Vöhringen, Baden-Württemberg: The developers of Chemie-Technik GmbH have developed new instrument care and cleaning sprays by using top-quality components based on physiologically safe oils. For the special fully synthetic spray ELKALUB FLC 9030, there is also evidence that it has no negative influence on the sterilisation effect of instruments and is not cytotoxic
- one of the advantages over products by other manufacturers.

Silence is golden –

Development of noise-reducing lubricants for ball bearings

We are encountering the trend towards noise requirements with the development of noise-reducing special greases using a new measuring device in our laboratory.

Ball bearings, which are used in fans, electric motors or tool spindles for example, increasingly have to have a low noise level as well as a long service life because running noises are perceived by consumers to be disruptive, and this has an effect on the market: according to a large bearing manufacturer, approx. 2/3 of its bearings already have to fulfil specific requirements regarding noise level. Know-how in the production of quiet bearings pays off for manufacturers. Simply talk to us if you are interested.

The use of lubricants in treatment plants is a unique science. The example of the EWE WASSER GmbH Edewecht wastewater treatment plant, which works with ELKALUB lubricants from the Swabian manufacturer Chemie-Technik GmbH, provides valuable tribological insights.

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