Third generation steps in

Christian Hof strengthens technical advice, sales and marketing for ELKALUB high-performance lubricants

Chemie-Technik GmbH, Vöhringen, continues to line up for the future. While new production machines, such as a polyurea machine with a larger capacity, create independence from the increasingly scarce raw material lithium, the sons of the owner Joachim Hof (* 1956) gradually join the management. The studied innovation specialist Christian Hof (* 1991) recently joined the team of the export-strong company.

Christian Hof had gained experience with Kärcher, Porsche and the well-known automotive supplier Kromberg & Schubert during and after his studies of the "Master of Art Innovation Management" at the FHWS Würzburg. He now gives new impulses in the areas of sales and marketing in the 30 men strong Chemie-Technik GmbH. The family business produces - with an export share of approx. 50 percent - the wide range of ELKALUB high-performance lubricants. With the new "Product Finder" just released on the ELKALUB website (, the junior's first trendsetting project has just been successfully implemented.

"There is no one 'all-rounder' with lubricants. That is why we develop customized sprays, oils and greases for a wide variety of applications. With our online product finder, you can now filter the variety of our special products according to the characteristics you need and quickly find the right product.”,says Christian Hof. His older brother Mathias Hof (* 1989) has been in charge of purchasing since July 2017 and is also responsible for private label projects for key account customers.

After Helmut Hof, who founded the company in 1956 and ran it until 1985, and today's managing director Joachim Hof, who joined in 1985, the third generation is now active in the Swabian family company Chemie-Technik GmbH. The third and youngest son of the company owner, Julius Hof (born 1995), is still studying. All three had already helped out as children in their father's company.

"I am very pleased that with the gradual entry of my sons, continuity and change go hand in hand and that together we can ensure a successful future for the company." says pleased father Joachim Hof.
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Mathias, Joachim und Christian Hof (from left to right)

Photos: Felicitas Ilse,

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