What are H1 lubricants?

H1 lubricants are products certified by the NSF with respect to the recipe, labelling and approval of the user manual that allow occasional contact with food, drinks or pharmaceutical products. The products possessing approved H1 registration bear the NSF sign, a field with the category code H1 and a registration number on the product label.

Who must use H1 lubricants?

H1 Lubricants are to be used not only where food, drinks or products of the pharmaceuticals industry are processed and manufactured, but also in the production of their packaging and descriptions. While packaging possibly impacts directly on the products, descriptions can transfer substances due to being handled.
A machine should be furnished with H1 lubricants in time for its delivery. A switch to an H1 lubrication products is possible after thorough washing procedures. With slide bearings, a change to a new H1 grease can be implemented relatively quickly. In contrast, with roller bearings disassembly is generally required.

H1 lubricants for the print and paper-processing industry

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