How it all began

With innovative high-performance lubricants, oil- and gasoline additives mainly for use in the automotive sector, the "Süddeutsche Bardahl" was founded in 1956. This was the cornerstone of our todays company "Chemie Technik GmbH".

In the 70's we focused our products more towards power increasing lubrication for industrial and handicraft applications. Since that time, our products have been sold under the brand-name ELKALUB.

The team behind ELKALUB

The company Chemie-Technik is still owned by the founder's family. Also the management – in the meantime within the second generation – is still in the owners' hands. Development, production and strategical sales are centralized in Voehringen/Wuerttemberg (close to Stuttgart, Lake Constance area) with a team of 30 people.

The sales operation, the customer care on the spot are done by a world wide net of (partly independent) representations.

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