Komori Lithrone GX40 with special lubricants equipped for the printing of food packaging for the first time

Press release 30 November 2018

Printing machines / food packaging / lubricants / tribology
Printing machines European premiere!

Komori Lithrone GX40 with special lubricants equipped for the printing of food packaging for the first time

Vöhringen/Württemberg, Bad Kreuznach: A Komori Lithrone GLX 640+L printing machine was fitted from start on with so-called NSF H1-registered lubricants. For this, the technicians relied on a wide range of ELKALUB H1 high-performance lubricants of Chemie-Technik GmbH in Vöhringen.

Alexander Haßinger, managing partner of O.D.D. Print + Medien in Bad Kreuznach, has specific plans with his new printing machine: The new Komori Lithrone GX40 is highly productive, with it we have replaced two older machines and now we are becoming increasingly involved in the production of folding boxes in the food and pharmaceutical sector.”

To guarantee the necessary production hygiene for this product sector, he is planning the implementation of an HACCP concept, a method for risk detection and prevention in food-processing plants and associated industrial sectors. Alexander Haßinger explains: “In any case, we need special lubricants for the HACCP certification - we arranged for this in the very first installation of the new machine.”

The South German sales partner of Komori, the Heinrich Baumann company, was able to help with this. Project leader Stefan Sattig: For years, we have used conventional ELKALUB products in Komori machines - but no H1 lubricants until now. We therefore consulted the company Chemie-Technik a lot and put together a tailor-made initial equipment package with H1-registered lubricants. We monitored the machine closely during the commissioning and in the first few weeks, and can draw a positive conclusion - everything is running like a well-oiled machine.”

From left to right: Stefan Sattig (Project Leader, company Heinrich Baumann), Alexander Haßinger (Managing Partner and Head of Technology, O.D.D. Print + Medien), Christian Sieber (Production Manager, O.D.D.)

Lubricants for applications in the food industry: High-quality raw materials, high performance

H1 lubricants are subject to various limitations: Only specific raw materials are permitted; these must have a higher purity and may only be used in defined concentrations. For the various areas of application of the machine, lubricants must be found which simultaneously provide maximum performance and have minimum toxicological effects if the food or the food packaging incidentally comes into contact with the lubricant. In light of these challenges, the effectiveness of the H1-registered lubricants amazes many users. Dr. Stefan Schlomski, technical sales manager of Chemie-Technik GmbH, also knows this. “We have dealt with H1 lubricants intensively for many years. Thanks to their raw materials, which are mostly of a higher quality, they show a higher performance than conventional products in many areas. Shorter maintenance intervals or a more frequent lubrication of the machine is not necessary - the experience on the Komori at O.D.D. has already proved this.”

Inspected lubrication points and satisfied (from left): Stefan Schlomski (Technical Sales, ELKALUB company) and Stefan Sattig (Project Leader, Heinrich Baumann company)

For the O.D.D. Managing Director Alexander Haßinger, the costs also play a role along with the technical aspects. The high-quality H1 lubricants are naturally more expensive than conventional ones - the increased product safety must be purchased. Against the background of an expensive product recall due to contaminated packaging, Alexander Haßinger puts this topic into perspective again and observes his new Komori with pride: I won’t let cheap lubricants ruin my new machine.”

ELKALUB H1 lubricants in the Komori Lithrone GLX 640+L:

Circular lubrication
CLP gear oil with high wear protection also in case of low temperatures (40 °C).

Chain lubrication
CLP gear and chain oil. Very high wear protection also in case of low temperatures (40 °C).

Fluid grease Central lubrication
Well adhering fluid grease for rolling and plain bearings, suitable for central lubrication systems.

Grease for manual lubrication
special grease for fast running printing machines. High wear protection and low centrifuging tendency.

Gripper seat lubrication
Special ester oil-based oil spray. Colour and varnish-dissolving properties guarantee gripper mobility. Resistant to centrifuging with grease content.

Corrosion protection Transfer cylinder
Lubricant and anti-corrosion agent. Contains PTFE and high-quality waxes. Easily removable with suitable cleaning agents.

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Image material

O.D.D. Print + Medien, Bad Kreuznach

“Productive flagship”:
Komori Lithrone GLX 640+L, starts up operation with ELKALUB H1-lubricants

Cam roller lubrication with ELKALUB GLS 964/N2
Curve lubrication with ELKALUB LFC 34068

Lubrication of roller bearings and side jaw ink fountain with ELKALUB GLS 964/N2

Gripper seat lubrication with ELKALUB FLC 4010

Lubrication of bearings and gear wheels in the inking/dampening unit with ELKALUB GLS 964/N2

Paper size adjustment and lubrication of the positioning mark with ELKALUB GLS 964/N2

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