New: ELKALUB instrument sprays for medicine

press release (März 2018)
Product presentation
New: ELKALUB instrument sprays for medicine
Medically certified: ELKALUB high performance lubricant with physiologically safe oils
Vöhringen, Baden-Württemberg: The developers of Chemie-Technik GmbH have developed new instrument care and cleaning sprays by using top-quality components based on physiologically safe oils. For the special fully synthetic spray ELKALUB FLC 9030, there is also evidence that it has no negative influence on the sterilisation effect of instruments and is not cytotoxic
- one of the advantages over products by other manufacturers.

Physicians not only work on the patient, but also in the patient, thus coming into contact with mucous membranes and open wounds. Special cleaning sprays and steam sterilisation are used for the regular cleaning of tools. Instrument care is at least just as important as cleaning, as this increases their life span. The lubricant used must be physiologically safe and ensure sufficient lubrication when in use. It must also be permeable for steam, so that contaminations under the oil film can be removed during steam sterilisation without it getting lost. This needs special solutions to fulfil the requirements profile. Just the right task for the developers of Chemie-Technik GmbH, who develop special high-performance lubricants for various areas of application, especially in the food sector - and now also for medical technology.

Fully synthetic ELKALUB FLC 9030 instrument spray for the lubrication of
medical devices with fast rotating components
Other manufacturers often use paraffin oil or mineral oil for the lubrication. On the basis of intense development work and by using physiologically safe, fully synthetic oils of the highest quality, ELKALUB has developed the special spray ELKALUB FLC 9030, which for instance is suitable for the regular care of dentists’ straight and contra-angle handpieces but also for other medical devices which do not have a high speed or loads.

Dr. Frank Schulz, Head of Development at Chemie-Technik GmbH, says:

“The basic oils used in our care spray pose no physiological danger compared to products based on mineral oil. The additives used protect instruments and appliances effectively against corrosion and wear, with a fine oil film. Tests have shown that the temperature increase of a contra-angle handpiece lubricated with FLC 9030 and operated at 80,000 rpm for 15 minutes was less than 20°C. The part does not heat up that much, can be operated for longer and the material is subjected to less stress.”

Volatile alcohols for residue-free cleaning: ELKALUB FLC 905
The cleaning spray ELKALUB FLC 905 has been developed for the efficient cleaning of dental instruments and appliances. It is based on volatile alcohols and hydrocarbons and therefore evaporates without leaving any residue. It can be sprayed directly onto the surface of the dental instruments and then wiped off.

ELKALUB FLC 9030 instrument spray
› prolongs the life span of medical instruments
› protects from corrosion and wear
› not cytotoxic (ISO 10993-5:2009)
› steam-permeable and can be sterilised (ISO 17664 + ISO 17665)

ELKALUB FLC 905 cleaning spray
› cleans and preserves medical devices and instruments

ELKALUB develops high-performance lubricants for use in the food and drink industry, printing machines, robotics, the automotive industry and power tools, among others. ELKALUB is an original equipment supplier for numerous renowned machine manufacturers.

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