2018 – Expansion of production plant

2017 – Third generation

2017 – Noise measuring system

2013 – Green energy

2006 – 50 years of growth

2006 – ELKALUB in Asia

2005 – Expansion of production

1990s – Innovation in the lab

1990s –Automotive applications

1987 – Merging of the sites

1985 – Change of generations

1980s – Specialisation

1980s – Hannover trade fair

1978 – Expansion of production capacities

1970s – New business fields

Ab 1969 – Development of the brand

1960s – Corner stone for key customers

1960s – Beginnings

1956 – Foundation

Construction of a modern polyurea production facility for the energy efficient production of PH greases.

The founder's grandsons join the family business one after the other. (Image: © Felicitas Ilse)

With a "more quiet" noise measuring system low noise greases can now be developed and checked in-house.

75% of the required electrical energy is now renewably generated by solar collectors. (Image: © Faber & Marke)

The 50th anniversary of Chemie-Technik GmbH has been inaugurated with the construction of a new shipping and storage hall.

Opening of a representative office at first, later on foundation of a subsidiary in Hefei, China to serve the chinese market directly.

To meet the increasing demand for high performance greases, the grease production facilities get modernised and expanded.

ELKALUB is one of the first lubricant manufacturers using a Rheometer for the development of lubricants

Development of products for OEM applications in the automotive sector.

Construction of the office building. All departments are now under one roof in Vöhringen.

With Joachim Hof the second generation takes over management of the family business. (Image: © Felicitas Ilse)

Introduction of the first ELKALUB H1 products for the food sector. We currently have 94 H1-registered products in our portfolio.

First booth at the industry trade fair in Hannover, still under the brand name LK-LUB.

Construction of a new production site in Vöhringen.

The product portfolio is constantly expanded by industrial products. Initially for the graphic sector. (Image: © iStock.com/Yuri_Arcurs)

Foundation of the company LUBRAL and sales of products under the brand LUBRAL. In 1972 Lubral is gradually converted into "Chemie Technik GmbH Production and Sales of High Performance Lubricants" and the brand ELKALUB emerges.

First lubricants for BOSCH power tools. (Image: © iStock.com/domin_domin)

Production in Vöhringen, office and shipping in Stuttgart.

Foundation of the “Süddeutsche Bardahl" by Helmut Hof & Kurt Klein. Sale of Additives for fuel and engine oils.

How it all started

Süddeutsche Bardahl" was founded in 1956 with pioneering high-performance lubricants, oil and fuel additives for primary use in the automotive sector. This is the foundation stone of our current company "Chemie-Technik GmbH".

Since the orientation of our products towards demanding and performance-enhancing lubrication in industry and trade in the 1970s, our products have been marketed under the brand name ELKALUB.

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