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Brewery technique user report

Consistent use of H1 lubricants

At Gansbrauerei in Neumarkt in Upper Palatinate

Armin Lorenz is only the third master brewer at Gansbrauerei since 1945. Continuity and pride in the art of brewing are important fundamental values here. The regional brewery can trace its roots back to the year 1580. In a few months, there is an anniversary to celebrate - Gansbrauerei will then have been in the hands of the current family of owners for 150 years. These are long traditions which ensure composure.

“Beer takes time” is Armin Lorenz’s method too, and thus expresses one of the brewery’s important basic principles. In the fermentation cellar, the beer gets the time which the experienced master brewer thinks that it needs. The tanks in which the beer matures over a period of four weeks before it is bottled are correspondingly large.

However, the master brewer takes no more time than absolutely necessary for the ongoing reconstruction and modernisation of the brewery. When the complete renovation of the brewery was begun in 2009, the facilities were untouched since 1960. Since then, old technology has be successively replaced with new. Always without disrupting operations. Because, with the location in the middle of Neumarkt, extending the premises is not an option. In the process, the technical interventions sometimes go so far, explains Armin Lorenz, “that we first had to make sure that the building would stay standing at all”.


H1 lubricants from ELKALUB throughout the production process

For lubricants, Gansbrauerei and its master brewer consistently rely on ELKALUB. Products from the specialists in high performance lubricants have been used there for eight years: “The lubricants from ELKALUB are a great thing,” says Armin Lorenz. Only H1 lubricants are used in the brewery. “These are always residues. Here, it is never possible to completely rule out the possibility of something coming into contact with the end product. So it is immensely important to make sure that it’s not a problem.”

Before, lubricants from a wide variety of manufacturers were used in the brewery.

With ELKALUB, they were convinced that “everything is from one source” here, as the master brewer puts it. All of the products are tailored to the requirements of the food industry, the documentation and data sheets are consistent. Everything can be monitored. When it comes to lubricants, Armin Lorenz is of the opinion that: “Lubricants are generally getting steadily better. At the same time, the bearings are getting steadily worse. But even a bad bearing works if it is well lubricated.”

ELKALUB lubricants in use

GLS 794/N

GLS 794/N2 is a silicone lubricant which was developed for the lubrication of sliding processes and installation works. In breweries, it is used for taps and sliders. Compatibility with beer froth, which was confirmed by the Institute for Brewing in Weihenstephan, plays a significant role here.

GLS 367/N2

GLS 367/N2 is an adhesive universal lubricant with excellent media resistance for slowly turning bearings, gears and sliding processes. At Gansbrauerei, it is used as lubricating grease for bearing, gear and chain lubrication – in the gears for the strainer or on the spindle of a chamber filter press, among other things.

GLS 381/N000

GLS 381/N000 is a gear grease which offers excellent protection against wear and recoverability in central lubrication systems. In breweries, the H1 lubricant is well suited to general bearing and gear lubrication.

LFC 3015

LFC 3015 is a lubricating oil which Gansbrauerei uses for its pneumatic oils.

FLC 3010

FLC 3010 is an oil spray for universal use. At Gansbrauerei, it is used for general lubrication Tasks.

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