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grease for linear guides VP 922
H1 Halal

ELKALUB VP 922 is a fully synthetic high-performance grease for the lubrication of rolling and sliding processes. The product is particularly suitable for the lubrication of highly loaded drive elements based on ball gears or screw drives. The high base oil viscosity in connection with solid lubricants and additives to improve sliding friction has a vibration and noise dampening effect and thus ensures a smooth and smooth operation of the drive. The solid lubricants also ensure emergency running properties in the limit friction area and in the event of a lack of lubricant. Thanks to the NSF H1 registration, ELKALUB VP 922 can be used in the food industry or other hygiene-sensitive areas.

base oil Poly-alpha-olefin Other
thickener polyurea solid lubricants
viscosity 320 mm²/s
Operating temperature -30 °C bis 140 °C
NLGI class 1
field of use
  • roller bearing
  • Linear guides & ball screws
  • Food
  • beverages
  • Pharma & Medicine
  • drive technology
  • bearing manufacturer
  • Food grease
  • 250 g tube
  • 1 kg can
  • 5 kg bucket
  • 150 kg barrel
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