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ELKALUB FLC 367 Grease spray in an orange 400 ml spray can. A dosing dyse is attached to the white cap. An NSF and an H1-certified logo are printed on the label.

Grease spray FLC 367
H1 Halal

ELKALUB FLC 367 is a partly synthetic EP-grease spray with high adhesive strength for the lubrication of chains, slideways, disk cams, gear racks etc. under an increased influence of water, vapour, acids and alkalis (in the pH-range 2-11 up to 50 °C). Even after cleaning procedures there remains a very thin lubricating film which at the same time protects against corrosion. ELKALUB FLC 367 penetrates well into joints and gaps. The product is suitable for application in the temperature range from -20 °C up to+130 °C (short time +180 °C). ELKALUB FLC 367 is NSF H1-approved and is therefore suited for environments with incidental food contact. Registration no. (H1): 126161

base oil White oil
Operating temperature -20 °C bis 130 °C
Viscosity at 40 ° C (active substance) 165 mm²/s
field of use
  • bearings
  • open gears
  • racks
  • Guides & Curves
  • print
  • Food
  • beverages
  • Pharma & Medicine
  • drive technology
  • Furniture
  • plant construction
  • Food grease
  • lubricant
  • corrosion protection
  • universal
  • 400 ml of aerosol
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