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Various ELKALB containers for lubricating greases. In front is a metal tube, behind it on the left is a 5 kg bucket, on the right a 100 ml cartridge and a 400 g cartridge. In the background is a large 18 kg bucket.


high-tem­pera­ture grease with solid lubricants VPG 927
H1 Halal

ELKALUB VPG 927 is a high-temperature grease for the lubrication of slide- and roll movements up to temperatures around 500°C. The grease is based on silicone oil and a synergistic mix of black solid lubricants. The silicone oil evenly spreads the solid lubricants and lubricates up to 250°C. Above these temperatures there is solid lubrication. The NSF-H1 registration of ELKALUB VPG 927 makes an application in Food-, animal-food- or pharma-industry possible. ELKALUB VPG 927 shows good compatibility with most plastics and sealing materials. Due to its black color an application in covered lubricating spots is beneficial.

base oil silicone
thickener solid lubricants
viscosity 750 mm²/s
Operating temperature -40 °C bis 500 °C
NLGI class 2-3
field of use
  • fittings
  • Food
  • beverages
  • Pharma & Medicine
  • plant construction
  • miscellaneous
  • High temperature grease
  • Food grease
  • 5 kg bucket
  • 150 kg barrel
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