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Various ELKALB containers for lubricating greases. In front is a metal tube, behind it on the left is a 5 kg bucket, on the right a 100 ml cartridge and a 400 g cartridge. In the background is a large 18 kg bucket.

Mounting Paste ELKALUB 22103

ELKALUB 22103 is an assembly paste to prevent tribocorrosion and fretting corrosion. The high percentage of solid lubricants results in pressure-resistant and permanent lubrication of the metal surface; shaft-hub connections, bearings, flanges and other strongly fixed machine parts can be reliably dismantled.
ELKALUB 22103 is suitable for lubrication in the high temperature range up to 700 °C. The polyglycol oil ensures lubrication up to approx. 200 °C; above this temperature the solid inorganic thickener takes over.
ELKALUB 22103 can be registered as NSF H1 lubricant and is therefore suitable for use in the food sector or related industries (pharmaceuticals, animal feed, packaging).

base oil polyglycol
thickener Inorganic
viscosity 400 mm²/s
Operating temperature -30 °C bis 700 °C
NLGI class 1
  • assembly grease
  • High temperature grease
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