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ELKALUB GLS 595/N2 in a 250 g tube with orange-blue print and white label. An NSF and an H1-certified logo are printed on the label.


PFPE high-tem­pe­ra­ture grease GLS 595/N2
H1 Halal

ELKALUB GLS 595/N2 is a high temperature grease mainly used for the lubrication of roller and slide bearings in the temperature range from -40 °C up to +250 °C. ELKALUB GLS 595/N2 is resistant to acids and alkalis as well as to organic solvents. Please note: ELKALUB GLS 595/N2 may not be mixed with other lubricants. Due to its high chemical stability ELKALUB GLS 595/N2 has been used for many years as nozzle sealing compound for adhesive machines at the end of the work process. Most important: Before applying the lubricant the surfaces have to be thoroughly cleaned as the lubricant will adhere only to surfaces free of oil, grease and dirt. Recommendation: for cleaning use ELKALUB LFC 500.

base oil PFPE
thickener solid lubricants
viscosity 360 mm²/s
Operating temperature -40 °C bis 250 °C
NLGI class 2
field of use
  • roller bearing
  • bearings
  • Fittings & O-rings
  • valves
  • Automotive
  • Food
  • beverages
  • Pharma & Medicine
  • bearing manufacturer
  • plant construction
  • assembly grease
  • High temperature grease
  • Food grease
  • 250 g tube
  • 400 g cartridge
  • 1 kg can
  • 5 kg bucket
  • 18 kg hobbock
  • 50 kg hobbock
  • 150 kg barrel
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