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Polyglycol oil LFC 8100

The ELKALUB oils of the 8000 series are polyglycol oils. The oils are used for circulation and gear lubrication. The selected polyglycols are responsible for a low coefficient of friction, a high viscosity index and high oxidation stability. The oils are therefore suitable for lubrication points with larger sliding components (e.g. worm gears, step gears) and applications with special requirements for a constant oil viscosity at changing temperatures and an increased oil life. The EP additive of the LFC 8000 oils ensures a high seizure resistance and very good wear protection for gears and bearings (see also table FZG test). The medium ISO viscosities of the ELKALUB LFC 8000 oils are NSF H1-registration and can therefore be used in the food processing industry or related areas without hesitation. Please note: Polyglycol oils cannot be mixed with mineral oil-based lubricants. Compatibility with plastics, elastomers (except EPDM) and coatings (e.g. interior painting of gears) should be checked before use.

base oil polyglycol
Operating temperature -20 °C bis 120 °C
Viscosity at 40 ° C 100 mm²/s
field of use
  • transmission
  • roller bearing
  • bearings
  • chain
  • worm gear
  • compressors
  • print
  • drive technology
  • Furniture
  • Wood
  • bearing manufacturer
  • plant construction
  • circulating oil
  • 5 l jug
  • 20 l jug
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