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Various ELKALB containers for lubricating oils. In front on the right is a 5-liter canister, to the left is a 1-liter metal bottle. A 20-liter canister is shown in the background.

Polyglycol oil LFC 8680

The ELKALUB oils of the 8000 series are polyglycol oils. The oils are used for circulation and gear lubrication. The selected polyglycols are responsible for a low coefficient of friction, a high viscosity index and high oxidation stability. The oils are therefore suitable for lubrication points with larger sliding components (e.g. worm gears, step gears) and applications with special requirements for a constant oil viscosity at changing temperatures and an increased oil life. The EP additive of the LFC 8000 oils ensures a high seizure resistance and very good wear protection for gears and bearings (see also table FZG test). The medium ISO viscosities of the ELKALUB LFC 8000 oils are NSF H1-registration and can therefore be used in the food processing industry or related areas without hesitation. Please note: Polyglycol oils cannot be mixed with mineral oil-based lubricants. Compatibility with plastics, elastomers (except EPDM) and coatings (e.g. interior painting of gears) should be checked before use.

base oil polyglycol
Operating temperature -20 °C bis 120 °C
Viscosity at 40 ° C 680 mm²/s
field of use
  • transmission
  • roller bearing
  • bearings
  • worm gear
  • print
  • drive technology
  • Furniture
  • Wood
  • bearing manufacturer
  • plant construction
  • 5 l jug
  • 20 l jug
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