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ELKALUB GLS 931 Syn­thet­ic gear grease in an orange 18 kg bucket


Syn­thet­ic gear grease GLS 931

ELKALUB GLS 931 is a synthetic high-performance grease that is particularly suitable for gearboxes with plastic-metal combinations. The grease does not attack common gearbox plastics (PA, POM) and thereby minimizes the risk of failures due to stress corrosion cracking. Thanks to these properties, ELKALUB GLS 931 is also suitable for slide pairings with a wide variety of material combinations. ELKALUB GLS 931 is characterized by a very low coefficient of friction. In combination with the wide temperature range, the grease is ideal for applications at low temperatures. A lifetime lubrication is supported by the high quality synthetic base oil (PAO).

base oil ester Poly-alpha-olefin
thickener lithium solid lubricants
viscosity 150 mm²/s
Operating temperature -40 °C bis 120 °C
NLGI class 1
field of use
  • transmission
  • roller bearing
  • bearings
  • Linear guides & ball screws
  • Automotive
  • Power Tools
  • drive technology
  • Furniture
  • bearing manufacturer
  • Low-temperature grease
  • adhesive grease
  • 250 g tube
  • 400 g cartridge
  • 5 kg bucket
  • 18 kg hobbock
  • 50 kg hobbock
  • 150 kg barrel
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