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Various ELKALB containers for lubricating greases. In front is a metal tube, behind it on the left is a 5 kg bucket, on the right a 100 ml cartridge and a 400 g cartridge. In the background is a large 18 kg bucket.


Syn­thetic grease for spindle bearings GLS 935/N2-3

ELKALUB GLS 935/N2-3 is a synthetic high performance grease which is suitable for the lubrication of fast rotating tool spindles. The grease can be used up to a speed value (n x dm) of 1,800,000. The low base oil viscosity of Elkalub GLS 935/N2-3 is responsible for the equally low frictional resistance and allows the oil to flow back quickly into the track. Both lead to lower storage temperatures and thus to an extended service life of the spindle. The additive package from Elkalub GLS 935/N2-3 combines high payloads with low wear and good corrosion protection. Elkalub GLS 935/N2-3 can be stably conveyed by a lubricator (e.g. FlexxPump) and is therefore very well suited for the automated grease relubrication of high-performance spindles.

This is a special product which can be produced individually for you on request. Smaller quantities can apply. Please just talk to us.

base oil ester Poly-alpha-olefin
thickener Lithium special
viscosity 30 mm²/s
Operating temperature -20 °C bis 120 °C
NLGI class 2 - 3
field of use
  • roller bearing
  • bearings
  • Guides & Curves
  • Wood
  • bearing manufacturer
  • Low-temperature grease
  • Spindle bearing grease
  • noise
  • 400 g cartridge
  • 1 kg can
  • 5 kg bucket
  • 18 kg hobbock
  • 50 kg hobbock
  • 150 kg barrel
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