New application method for the lubrication of assembly applications

New application method for the lubrication of assembly applications

The “brush can” for assembly applications in industry and the food industry: easy to handle, clean and economical – pinpoint accuracy with one hand

Swabian manufacturer of high performance lubricants, ELKALUB, is now enabling its customers to use selected lubricants economically and extremely practically, as different products for assembly applications in industry, most of which are H1-certified for use in the food industry, are available immediately in the innovative, propellant-free “brush can” (200 ml).

Vöhringen: There is now a practical invention that will benefit plant fitters who, up until now, were advised to remove and spread assembly grease with their fingers or cloths. “Where cloths or unhygienic fingers were once wastefully used, our ‘brush can’ can now be used to distribute easy, clean and sparing doses. And unlike conventional cans with brushes, it has the advantage that one hand remains free,” says Stefan Schlomski, Head of Technical Sales at Chemie-Technik GmbH in Vöhringen, Baden-Württemberg.

Unlike conventional containers, the new brush can contains no propellant and can therefore be stored and transported safely, which is especially important for air transport and makes it easier for fitters to carry the new packaging. Another advantage of the utility model protected “brush can” is that the container remains stable during emptying and that the head is fitted with a rotation lock. The brush can be attached to the cap and the thread onto which it is screwed also fits commercial silicone cartridge nozzles, for example.

Currently, Chemie-Technik GmbH is already offering assembly grease types for the following application areas in the new Container:

Assembly applications in the food and beverage industry

H1-certified lubricants, approved for use in the food and beverage industry:

  • Assembly grease for EPDM seals, e.g. on caroussel fillers, , easy to clean off and CIP compatible (ELKALUB GLS 867)
  • Silicone grease for assembly applications and the lubrication of sliding processes in valves, taps and outlets (ELKALUB GLS 794/N2)

Applications for industrial assembly and maintenance

  • General assembly grease (ELKALUB VP 924)
  • Assembly grease specifically for the prevention of tribocorrosion/fretting corrosion (ELKALUB GLS 361/N1)*
  • Polyglycol grease for EPDM seals, such as O-rings in wind turbines, tubes and seals in fuel-carrying systems, or for brake fluids and EPDM-sealed plastic and glass components (ELKALUB VP 886)*
  • Grease for stainless steel screws, preventing seizure and making dismantling easier, resistant to seawater (ELKALUB GLS 305)

* The ELKALUB GLS 361/N1 and ELKALUB VP 886 greases are also H1-certified or certifiable, and are therefore also suitable for machines that process food. The variety of lubrication qualities in the H1-certified greases by ELKALUB mean that customers do not need to use any conventional lubricants; the risk of mistakes or contamination from unsuitable materials is thus minimised.

The wide range of other ELKALUB high performance lubricants can also be offered in the brush can, depending on the suitability and requirements.

ELKALUB Assembly applications in the food and beverage industry


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