First lubricant manufacturer with cartridge-based 100 ml one-handed grease gun

NSF/H1 specialist Chemie-Technik GmbH (ELKALUB)

NSF/H1 specialist Chemie-Technik GmbH (ELKALUB)

Small volumes avoid overlubrication. This is especially important in the food sector. And this is where the particular strengths of the small one-handed grease gun ELKALUB MCP 100 of the Swabian lubricant manufacturer Chemie-Technik GmbH come in. Together with the matching 100 ml screw cartridges, the entire range of greases of the manufacturer can be used ideally.

The dosage volume of the small grease gun ELKALUB MCP 100 is only approx. 0.35 cm3. This is only a quarter of the volume of a standard-size two-handed grease gun and just right for many machine components. Thanks to its size and one-handed operation, the grease gun is very easy to handle and makes dosed and controlled lubrication possible, especially with funnel-type lube nipples. Another advantage is the matching 100 ml screw cartridge – an in-house development of Chemie-Technik. The screw cartridge ensures the clean and easy assembly of the grease gun. There is no inconvenient, time-consuming and messy filling with bulk grease or by means of transfer, as is required when using other grease guns. Even with the cartridge screwed in, the user can identify at any time which grease is currently being used. It is thus almost impossible to confuse greases. This makes the ELKALUB MCP 100 a reasonable component of the HACCP concept of food companies. The system is completed by the in-house ELKALUB greases. The users have access to the entire range of Chemie-Technik GmbH greases and can thus always use the perfect special grease for their own applications.

Speaking about the advantages of the ELKALUB MCP 100, Dr Stefan Schlomski, Head of Technical Sales and Distribution, says: “In the food sector, there are many fast running machines, especially when it comes to bottling and packaging. Each overlubrication involves the risk that lubricant is thrown off in an uncontrolled manner and, in the worst case, contaminates the food or packaging.” He adds: “Imagine the sterile production area of a pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer. And now imagine that you have to fill a conventional grease gun which contains residual grease of an undefined age by using a spatula or refilling it in another way from an already open grease container whose age and storage conditions are also unknown. This is blatantly disproportionate!” says Stefan Schlomski. “This is not the case with our screw cartridge. A clean portion of grease can be used quickly and free of contamination. The clearly visible cartridge labelling avoids confusion, as the mixing ban also applies to NSF H1-registered greases.”

And last but not least, he gives the hint: “Why should users choose a ‘multi-purpose grease’ for screw cartridges if they can get a more suitable special grease from ELKALUB?”

The ELKALUB MCP 100 is delivered with a 130 mm nozzle pipe and a pointed adapter for funnel-type lube nipples. A flexible reinforced hose (300 mm) as well as a mouthpipe for conical grease nipples are available as accessories.

Advantages of the ELKALUB MCP 100 at a glance

  • No more overlubrication due to small dispensing volume
  • Easy to handle, clean, economical
  • Simple exchange of grease cartridges – no transfer/filling
  • Grease type currently in use clearly visible to avoid confusion
  • A wide range of different ELKALUB greases available
  • Compatibility of grease gun and cartridges with existing systems

Scope of supply:

grease gun, adapter for 1/8" equipment


armored hose with hydraulic mouthpiece, nozzle tube with pointed mouthpiece

Matching 100 ml cartridges available (others available on request):

Universal grease for rolling bearings (esp. offset printing machines) as well as for linear guides and ball screws

Special grease with a distinct thixotropy for rolling bearings in printing machines

H1-registered mounting grease, especially to avoid tribocorrosion or fretting corrosion, prevents thread galling of stainless steel screw Connections

H1-registered special grease with distinct adhesion and thixotropy (esp. for cam followers in printing machines and fast running packaging and bottling machines)

H1-registered special grease with good wear protection and backflow behaviour for fast and alternating movements (e.g. linear guides, ball screws)

H1-registered polyglycol-based grease for special applications (e.g. rolling bearings in environments with high UV radiation and heat).

First lubricant manufacturer with cartridge-based 100 ml one-handed grease gun


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Chemie-Technik GmbH

Under the ELKALUB brand, Chemie-Technik GmbH, based in Vöhringen / Baden-Württemberg, develops, produces and sells a wide range of special lubricating oils, greases and sprays. The products are mainly used in the printing industry, in the food industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in the automotive industry. The ELKALUB product range is used all over the world, the export rate of Chemie-Technik GmbH is approx. 50 percent. A large part of the family company's product range is NSF H1 registered and Halal certified.


First lubricant manufacturer with cartridge-based 100 ml one-handed grease gun
Photo: First lubricant manufacturer with cartridge-based 100 ml one-handed grease gun

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