New circulating oil for offset printing machines – for a paper run without smeared ink

ELKALUB LFC 1068 New circulating oil for offset printing machines

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Electrostatically optimised machine oil ELKALUB LFC 1068

Printing machine manufacturers are frequently reporting a specific problem, which at first glance has little to do with lubricants. However, closer inspection by the experts at ELKALUB has now resulted in a new product that helps paper sheets and webs to run more smoothly through sheet-fed offset and web-fed offset machines.

Both in sheet-fed offset printing and web-fed offset printing machines, the following problem arises repeatedly under unfavourable conditions and with certain jobs: the freshly printed sheets come into contact with the machine and the freshly printed image is spoiled with smeared ink – with the result that they have to be discarded as printer’s waste.

A cause for this was found following thorough investigation and the use of high-speed cameras: while passing through the machine, freshly printed paper sheets and webs touch electrically charged machine parts in an uncontrolled manner. It is obvious that the printing result is going to be unusable.

But how was ELKALUB able to contribute to the solution to the problem? In circulating lubrication, the oil passes through several fine filters and is transported through electrically non-conductive hoses to the individual lubrication points or injected into the tooth meshing During repumping, the oil gets electrostatically charged, primarily also due to intensive friction when passing through the fine filters. Although the machine is earthed, it can pass a part of its charge to machine parts. This charging can even cause visible and audible flashes, burns and coking.

Together with two printing machine manufacturers, the experts at ELKALUB have now solved this problem. An additional conductivity additive has been applied to the reliable ELKALUB oils and various additives have been substituted. With this formula, the electrostatically optimised high performance machine oil LFC 1068 offers an electrical conductivity improved by the factor 5-10 with unchanged performance. During manufacturer testing, spontaneous discharges or charging of components due to oil were no longer found thanks to the use of ELKALUB LFC 1068. The optimised formula has also been transferred to recirculating oils with other viscosities which are also used in printing machines.

Dr. Stefan Schlomski, Technical Sales Manager at Chemie-Technik GmbH, concludes: “Thanks to the close cooperation with our customers, we have been able to identify the surprising cause of a problem. An important aspect of our reliable recirculating oil has been improved and it has proved successful as a problem solver concerning sheet travel in critical assignments. Our customers can now print more reliably and produce less waste – a goal we have achieved together.”

New circulating oil for offset printing machines – for a paper run without smeared ink


Chemie-Technik GmbH

Under the ELKALUB brand, Chemie-Technik GmbH, based in Vöhringen / Baden-Württemberg, develops, produces and sells a wide range of special lubricating oils, greases and sprays. The products are mainly used in the printing industry, in the food industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in the automotive industry. The ELKALUB product range is used all over the world, the export rate of Chemie-Technik GmbH is approx. 50 percent. A large part of the family company's product range is NSF H1 registered and Halal certified.


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