New: Cleaner solution for window-makers

Specially formulated, drip-proof adhesive lubricant ideal for assembly and service: ELKALUB FLC 804

Vöhringen/Württemberg: One lubricant for all applications? This rarely promises success, as experts know. But what properties would the ideal lubricant have to have specifically for the assembly and maintenance of sliding door window hinges and rollers? This question was investigated by the experts from the research and development department at Chemie-Technik GmbH in Vöhringen. They discovered the ideal formulation and developed the special lubricant ELKALUB FLC 804. With this drip-proof and colourless adhesive spray, window manufacturers now, for the first time, have a lubricant in ELKALUB quality specifically for their area of application.

A master of all trades is a master of none, as the saying goes. Friction, wear and lubrication are a highly complex field of research known as tribology. At ELKALUB, great importance is therefore attached to thorough research and development. The brand offers a wide range of speciality lubricants for a wide variety of applications. “We have specially formulated the ELKALUB FLC 804 adhesive oil for drip-proof use in hinges, joints, roller guides, toothed racks and sliding guides. Even under heavy load, it perfectly lubricates hinges and ensures smooth running, especially in rollers on sliding doors”, says Christian Hof, Technical Sales at the manufacturer Chemie-Technik GmbH, Vöhringen.

“The adhesive spray is not only ideal for fitting hardware. Window-makers can also use it very effectively in the handy 150 ml spray can for maintenance and – as a promotional gift – also for lasting customer loyalty.” ELKALUB FLC 804 is also available as a private label product in quantities of 1.000 or more, which means it can also be customised with a label from the window-maker. Master glazier Johannes Schmid has been using the product in his Vöhringen-based company Fensterbau Schmid for a long time and confirms: “ELKALUB FLC 804 has proven itself especially for large window formats with high sash weights. This is where the best industrial quality matters.”

ELKALUB FLC 804 Spraying without dripping

To the product

ELKALUB FLC 804: Spraying without dripping

  • Especially for highly-stressed hinges and fittings
  • Maximum running smoothness due to optimised lubrication
  • Less service work within the warranty period
  • Colourless lubricant without resinification
  • Handy 150 ml spray can
  • Also for original equipment and as a white label

Available as:

12 pcs. 150 ml spray can (June 2021): €52.80 plus VAT.
To order:, Tel. +49 (0) 74 54 9652–0

Technical data:

ELKALUB FLC 804 in the product finder: ELKALUB FLC 804

Drip-proof adhesive spray

ELKALUB FLC 804 is a highly additivated oil spray based on high-quality white and synthetic oils. The corrosion-protective lubricating film has very good boundary lubrication properties and is adhesion and skid-resistant up to 80 °C. ELKALUB FLC 804 is recommended for use in hinges, joints, heavy drive chains, cams, cam discs, open gears, guides and spindles. ELKALUB FLC 804 has a noise-reducing effect. Due to the rapid evaporation of the solvent, a fast and drip-proof application is possible even on vertical lubrication points.

ELKALUB FLC 804 Spraying without dripping


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Chemie-Technik GmbH

Unter der Marke ELKALUB entwickelt, produziert und vertreibt die Chemie-Technik GmbH mit Sitz in Vöhringen/Baden-Württemberg ein breites Sortiment an Spezial-Schmierölen, Schmierfetten und Sprays. Die Produkte werden überwiegend in der Druckindustrie, in der Lebensmittelindustrie, der Pharmazeutischen Industrie, im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau und in der Automobilindustrie verwendet. Das ELKALUB Produktsortiment wird in aller Welt eingesetzt, die Exportquote der Chemie-Technik GmbH beträgt ca. 50 Prozent. Ein Großteil der Produktpalette des Familienunternehmens ist NSF H1 registriert und Halal zertifiziert.


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