Lubricating oils

Always well lubricated

LFC 1000 Series

Mineral oils, (ISO VG 5 to ISO VG 1500)

Series LFC 1000 H

High-performance mineral oils with adhesive additives

Series LFC 3000

Paraffin oils for the food industry with H1 approval, (ISO VG 15 to ISO VG 680)

Series LFC 34000

Highly additivated paraffin oils

Series LFC 4000

Ester oils

Series LFC 9000

Poly-alpha-olefins (with H1 approval), (ISO VG 32 to ISO VG 460)

Series LFC 8000

Polyglycol oils, (ISO VG 32 to ISO VG 320)

LA 8, LA 8P

Concentrates to improve border lubricating properties

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