Always well oiled

We offer a large set of lubricating oils for different temperature ranges with different viscosity classes. The oils are based on:

  • Series LFC 1000, mineral oils (ISO VG 5 up to ISO VG 1500)
  • Series LFC 1000 H, mineral oils, (adhesive oils) (ISO VG 46 up to ISO VG 1500)
  • Series LFC 3000, paraffin oils for food-processing industries with H1 certificate, (ISO VG 15 up to ISO VG 680)
  • Series LFC 9000, poly-alpha-olefines (with H1 certificate), (ISO VG 32 up to ISO VG 460)
  • Series LFC 4000, ester oils
  • Series LFC 8000, polyglycol oils, (ISO VG 32 up to ISO VG 320)
  • LA 1, LA 4, LA 7, LA 8, LA 8P, concentrates for the amelioration of boundary lubrication properties

Product overview: Lubricants for industry and trade

Learn more about the application areas and our extensive range of lubricants in forms of greases and oils.

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